DEERS/ID Card Branch (Bldg 212) at Ft. Riley

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212 Custer Ave
Basement, Room #B001
Ft. Riley, KS  66442

Commercial: (785) 239-3654
Fax: (785) 239-3692
Hours of Operation:
M-F 0730-1630, closed for Federal holidays and and resiliency days off. Customer cut off time is 1600 daily except for 8 hour days and then it is at 1530.
Welcome to Ft Riley's ID Card Appt Scheduler
Thank you for choosing Ft. Riley ID Card/DEERS Branch for your ID Card/DEERS needs. We look forward to providing assistance in facilitating any ID Card/DEERS issue for you.

ID Cards are the property of the US Government and holders are required to safeguard them at all times. Persons 18 years and older needing to replace ID Cards should have two forms of identification in their possession when they come to the DEERS/ID Card

One may be the old ID card or Driver’s license if it is not expired. The other may be a Social Security Card or Birth Certificate or Passport.

Sponsors should be with dependents or they are required to have in their possession a valid General or Special Power of Attorney, or a valid DD Form 1172-2 signed within the previous 90 days. 1172-2’s older than 90 days are invalid and won’t be accepted.

If a Special Power of Attorney is used, it should specifically state somewhere in the Power of Attorney that it may be used to obtain DoD ID Cards and enroll dependents in DEERS.

Per 1ID Op Order 18-247 dated 27 Sept 18, 1ID Soldiers are seen at their Brigade S-1’s. As such, 1ID Soldiers coming to the Garrison ID Card Facility for service, without approval of the 1ID G1, will be referred back to their respective Brigade S1-s for

General Instructions, please read and heed!
Please schedule one appointment for each person to be seen. Estimate about 30 minutes per ID Card. Schedule your appointments and adjust your timeline accordingly. Appointment times can be longer or shorter depending on system responsiveness and issues

Customers are responsible for confirming and knowing their appointment date and time. Customers arriving more than 30 minutes late for their appointment and not notifying the ID Card Facility,

will be considered as a Walk-In customer and be placed in the next available Walk-in slot for that day.

Soldiers should bring a copy of their SRB to verify their information if updating due to rank or name change. For name change, verification ID needs to reflect new name.

To replace an ID card, if you are over 21, and a dependent child, you must be a full time student and provide a letter from the registrar where you are attending college certifying that, and provide an anticipated graduation date. Sponsor must be present

You must bring two forms of identification with you to the ID Card Center. One must be a valid state or federal government-issued picture ID. The other may be a birth certificate or a social security card (original document, certified or notarized)

Plan on arriving at least 15 minutes early for your appointment and bring your printed appointment slip with you when you come in for your appointment.

Appointments have priority of service. Walk-in customers are seen on a case by case basis, and are considered as standby. Wait times can be over an hour depending on appointments scheduled, number of customers waiting, and system response

To avoid the wait, please schedule an appointment. Please call (785) 239-3654 to obtain information on waiting times for walk in services.

If you received an error stating you have been BLOCKED, LOCKED OUT or you receive an INVALID PIN error, you will be required to reset your CAC. PIN resets are done on a walk-in basis.

CAC PIN reset: 1ID Soldiers (1ABCT, 2ABCT, SUS BDE, CAB, DIVARTY) will see BDE S-1. Garrison, MEDDAC, DENTAC, MP’S, Tenant units and all others can be reset at DEERS/ID Card office.

Additional Documentation Requirements
LOST/STOLEN ID CARDS (Soldiers): Soldiers reports to Brigade S-1 if they are in a 1st ID unit or to the ID Card Center if they are not. Must have either a Police Report or DA 2823 stamped and signed by person authorized to administer oaths, generally a C

or above.

DEPENDENT LOST ID CARD: Sponsor and dependent who lost ID card reports to ID Card Center for new ID Card. Card can be done with Power of Attorney if the spouse is unavailable. General Powers of Attorney are acceptable; however, if they have a Special Po

Power of Attorney, it must specifically state that it may be used for DEERS enrollment or obtaining an ID Card

DEPENDENTS 18 + are required to have two (2) forms of valid (not expired) ID, 2nd ID can be non-photo

NEW MARRIAGE: Sponsor, marriage certificate, photo ID and social security card. All documents need to be translated into English if married in a foreign country or be documented by an international birth/marriage certificate. All documents must be certi

DIVORCE: Certified copy of the Divorce Decree with the date stamp showing when it was filed with the clerk of the court and judges signature (can be electronic signature).

NEW BABY: If married to the mother; birth certificate and social security card. All birth certificates must be translated into English if born in a foreign country or be documented by an International Birth Certificate.

For single male parents: birth certificate, court documentation of paternity (child support) or affidavit of paternity from the state of birth (certified and signed by both parents).

STEPCHILD: Birth certificate, child SSN card, marriage certificate – must be married and already have spouse in DEERS before stepchild can be enrolled.

TRICARE YOUNG ADULT – Sponsor (present), or signed DD Form 1172-2 or Power of Attorney and two (2) appropriate forms of ID

RETIRED DEPENDENT EXPIRED CARD: Sponsor (present), or signed DD Form 1172-2, or Power of Attorney, and old ID Card. Must have two forms of ID. 1st ID needs to be a picture ID (e.g., driver’s license, state ID, passport, etc.),

2nd ID can be a non-picture ID (e.g., Social Security Card, Voters’ Registration Card, Birth Certificate, etc.)

ACTIVE DUTY DEPENDENT EXPIRED CARD: Sponsor (present), or DD Form 1172-2, or Power of Attorney, old ID card and second form of ID.

ACTIVE DUTY PROMOTION: (E-5 or above) orders and old ID card. (E-4) 4187 or promotion orders and old ID card and second form of ID. E3 – below do not replace ID Cards unless they expire or are damaged.

ACTIVE DUTY MUTILATION: Old ID card and second form of ID.

ACTIVE DUTY RETIREMENT: DD214 (copy 4) and two (2) forms of ID

*****Effective immediately, all Army ID Card Facilities will make issuing new CACs that are due to expire within the next 90 days a priority over all other actions.

If you have questions on anything else not listed, please call (785)239-3654 or (785) 239-3698 for further information on appropriate types of identification and documentation to bring to your appointment.

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