Military Personnel Division at Fort Eustis

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650 Monroe Avenue
Room 123
Ft Eustis, VA  23604

Commercial: (757) 878-0948
Fax: (757) 878-0942
Hours of Operation:
WALK IN HOURS: Mon- Fri 0930 to 1500. STOP TIME FOR WALK IN HOURS ARE DEPENDENT UPON THE NUMBER OF CUSTOMERS CURRENTLY AWAITING SERVICE. CAC PRIORITY: Mon, Tue,Thur,& Fri 0800-0930. Appointments are 0830- 1545 Mon-Fri. Appts have priority.
Dependent ID Requirement
All dependents 10 to 17 are required to have 1 form of ID. Dependents 18 and over are required to have 2 forms of ID. Example: Military ID, Drivers License, Passport, Birth Cert., Social Security card. One ID must be a photo.

Acceptable Identity Documents
Go to: ALL DOCUMENTS USED FOR DEERS MUST BE ORIGINAL OR CERTIFIED COPIES.A certified copy is a copy of a document signed and certified as a true copy by the officer viewing the original document.

Cancel/Reschedule Appointment
Save your confirmation number to cancel/reschedule an appointment. All appointments are done on line. Bring a copy of your appointment confirmation page with you. If more than 5 minutes late for your appt you will need to reschedule or come as a walk in

Uniformed Service Members
Uniformed Service Members can request a Military CAC while in civilian attire. Proper military grooming standards are required.

Required DD1172-2 for Dependents
Dependents must have an 1172-2 form or Power of Attorney. 1172-2 must be either digitally signed by sponsor with their CAC,notarized and signed by the sponsor,or sponsor must be present. Retirees use their DS LOGON at https://

DD Form 1172-2 For College Students
College students 21-23 MUST HAVE notated in box 21 of DD1172-2 that student is full time & sponsor provides over 50% of student's care. College IDs are not an acceptable ID.Form is valid for only 90 days.Form requirements same as dependent 1172-2

Walk in Customers
Walk in customers are welcome.Closing Walk in hours are dependent on the number of customers waiting.To avoid the possible wait,an appointment can be scheduled. Walk in hours are Mon-Fri 0800-1500 EXCEPT Wed 0830-1500

Full-Time College Students
Students 21-23 must bring a current letter from their college Register's Office, or the National Clearing House site at: ( current full time enrollment, begin & grad date.Student must be in a degree program.(AFI36-3026

Sponsor/Spouse Divorce
Spouse must go to the Sponsor's branch of service to see if they qualify for 20/20/20 or 20/20/15. Main documents needed are: Sponsor's DD214, Marriage Cert, Divorce Decree,2 IDs (one with an official photo)

Documents for Adding Dependents to DEERS
Dependent's birth certificate & SSN card are required. If a stepchild is being added, the marriage cert is also needed. Children under 90 days can use the hospital proof of birth. Unmarried male sponsors require a voluntary acknowledgement of paternity.

Special Notes/Reminder 1
DD form 1172-2 is only valid 90 days. 2-Some situations may require additional documents.3-Power of attorney or Sponsor presence is required for most transactions. 4.CALL WITH ANY QUESTION. 5.Sponsor must sign with CAC & print out 1172-2 for housing.

Special Notes/Reminders 2
1.Student IDs, work IDs and expired state drivers license (even if state accepts them)are no longer accepted as a form of ID when requesting any DEERS activity. 2.Some cases may require elevated assistance in order to be processed, this could take weeks.

Dependency Determination/Web Site
Determination is submitted when Sponsor wants to add on Parent,Ward,or Illegitimate/Incapacitated Child. Submit packet on line or call 888-332-7411 Press 4,2,5,then 1-Army 2-AF 3-Navy 6-Retired.Then "1"

Appointment Reminder
Customers not having all of their documents for changes in DEERS at the time of scheduled appointment, will need to reschedule their appointment or be seen as a walk in upon return. Appts do have priority.Call if question.

Lost stolen ID Cards
Same ID requirement (2 IDs,1 a Photo).Review the Acceptable Documents List.CAC holders MUST also bring in a letter from the Command Sponsoring Agency/HR or from the Provost Marshall stating card reported lost/stolen.

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