Camp Parks ID Section at Camp Parks ACS BLDG

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ACS Building
312 9th Street, Room 309
Dublin, CA  94568

Commercial: (925) 875-4918
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday: 0800 - 1600 CLOSED 12:30-13:30 for Lunch Closed Weekend & Federal Holidays; Closing times may vary depending upon customer volume - subject to change without notice
Camp Parks ID Section
Camp Parks ID Section will be open Monday - Friday 0800-1600 by APPOINTMENT ONLY and Closed on all Federal Holidays. Please schedule an appointment for each customer. All appointments available in 40 minute increments.

Acceptable Identification
Primary ID Types (Must be ORIGINAL UNEXPIRED):Military ID, Drivers license, Passport, and dependent ID. Secondary ID Type:SS Card, Birth certificate, ORIGINAL or Certified TRUE COPY,or voter's registration card, Veterans Health ID(VHIC/ID) with Photo ID

Lost/Stolen/ Destroyed CAC ID
If you Lost/stolen/destroyed your CAC ID Card you must bring in a lost/Stolen/destroyed letter from your Command Sponsoring agency(Commanders counseling statement to Base security), a Police Report form Base Security ,2 valid forms of ID not be expired

Dependents ID Requirements
DEPENDENTS:Sponsor must be present to verify/re-verify dependents to sign DD 1172 (ID Card Appli), regardless if a new or renewal ID card is being issued. If sponsor is not available, dependent must have a valid Power Of Attorney/ Digitally Signed 1172

SPOUSE: Marriage Certificate(ORIGINAL/CERTIFIED Copy), Two forms of ID (Drivers License or Current Passport)and Social Security Card (NO Copy), Birth Certificate and Final Divorce Degree (if applicable).NEW BORN:Birth Certicate and Social Security Card

100% Disabled American Veteran (DAV)
Sponsor must bring in letter from VA to certify that member is an honorable discharged veteran of the U.S Armed Forces and has service-connected disabilities evaluated at 100% Rate with MWR, Comissary, Exchange Privilages, DD214, and 2 forms of Valid ID's

Full Time College Student Requirements
College students OVER 21 BUT UNDER 23 must bring a letter from their schools registrars office stating they are Full-Time and the Projected Graduation DATE. You may also use letter from National Student Clearinghouse,Class Schedules Will Not Be Accepted.

Incapacitated Child update Requirements
Sponsor will need to bring in favorable dependency determination approval letter from DFAS(has to be renewed every 4 yrs & medical sufficiency statement. If you have BAH determination must go through DFAS and will be updated every year.

CAC Reset
No appointment necessary for a PIN Reset. If you receive an error stating you have been Blocked or Locked Out or you have Invalid Pin error you will need to go to Nearest ID facility for your pin rest. You will be seen At Earliest Convenience.

Rapids Self Service
You can go to Rapid Self Service Log On to create an 1172-2 at ( Sponsor with CAC log in access will digitally sign the 1172-2 and upload for use in the DEERS record.

Military Grooming Standard
Active Duty, Selected Reserve and Participating IRR members in uniform & civilian clothing must comply with Service Grooming Standards. Shaving exemption must provide profile. Not applicable to retiree, or dependents.

Work Badges and Student ID's No Longer Acceptable
Due to recent system upgrade and policy changes, ID Card offices can no longer accept Work Badges and Student ID as a form of Identification.

Foreign Documentation
All documentation must be translated and notarized in order to properly accept the document. No exceptions

Child Born Out OF Wedlock
Male Sponsors adding child born out of wedlock must have: Birth Certificate & SSN Card, Court Order establishing Paternity, Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity, or Approved Dependency Determination. Female Sponsors: Birth Certificate & SSN Card

All contractors must be entered/ updated in CVS prior to making an appoinment for thier ID Card. Contact your Personnel Administrator for verification.

Cancel/ reschedule appoinment
Customers will need to know their confirmation number to cancel/reschedule an appointment. Please keep your appointment confirmation page. If more that five minutes late for your appointment you will need to call and confirm available or reschedule.

(RAPIDS Site ID: 157467)

Available Appointment Days

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