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Honest John Rd.
Redstone Arsenal, AL  35898

Commercial: (256) 842-2413
Fax: (256) 842-2412
Hours of Operation:
Online Scheduling: Monday-Thursday 0730-1330, CAC Walk-ins: Monday-Friday 0730-1500, ID CARD Walk-ins: Monday-Friday 0730-1545
General Information
Redstone Arsenal experiences a high volume of customers requiring CAC/ID Cards, we encourage customers to be proactive in making appointments. Appointments can be made 90 days prior to the expiration date; the calendar is open a year in advance.

Acceptable Photo Identifications
Two valid forms of ID are required for everyone over 18 (one being a photo ID). Photo IDs are Drivers License, Common Access Card (NOT EXPIRED), Military ID, Non-Driver License, and unexpired Passport (Passport Card).

Family Members Identification Cards
Sponsors can either accompany their family members or digitally sign the required DD Form 1172 online at They may also visit any DEERS facility to pre-sign the form prior to family arrival (valid for 30 days).

Family Members Over Age 21
Family Members over 21 must be enrolled in college as a full time student in order to receive an ID card until age 23. A letter from the School is required stating student is enrolled full time, the number of hours attending, and expected graduation date.

TRICARE Young Adult
Children ages 21-23 (not in College) and 23-26 may be issued a TRI-CARE Young Adult ID Card. You must enroll in TRICARE ( or 1-800-444-5445) prior to coming to the ID card office. Once enrolled an ID Card will be issued for Medical only.

Documentation Required To Update DEERS
Marriage certificates, divorce decrees, and birth certificates must be certified originals, court-certified copies, or certified photocopies that reflect the file number or have been notarized.

The ID card office is located in the ONE STOP, building 3494 on Honest John Road, accessible from either Vincent Drive or Patton Road.

Adding a Dependent to DEERS
When adding a child to DEERS, bring the following original documents for the child: birth certificate & social security card. If a stepchild; the original marriage certificate, social security card, and birth certificate.

When Adding a Child out of Wedlock
Original birth certicate, favorable dependency and residency determination where the sponsor is providing over 50% of child's support; or a voluntary acknowledgement of a paternity signed by both parents.

Foreign Affiliate
Must bring DD Form 1172-2, Orders and Visa request from their country. For their dependents they must be listed on their orders.

Lost/Misplaced Common Access Card (CAC)
For a lost/misplaced CAC, please bring in two forms of acceptable ID along with the LOST/STOLEN memorandum from your supervisor or the security manager of your organization/unit.

Requirements for Issuance of CAC
CAC cards - AKO email address (if required) A six, seven, or eight digit pin (Personnel Identification Number)

Lost. Stolen Identification Card
Customers must report a stolen identification card to the ID card Facility at the Military Personnel Division, Bldg 3494. Customers must report to this facility with two forms of acceptable forms of ID and their Lost Memo (CAC only) for reissuance.

Foster Children
A Foster child placed in custody not by court order are eligible for commissary, exchange and MWR privileges only (no medical); must bring the child's original birth certificate.

A Foster Child Placed in Home
Must have a legal decree from the courts and birth certificate. Foster child/children placed the home by court order are eligible to receive commissary, exchange, MWR privileges and medical care.

Point of Contacts
Please contact your local Identification Card Section for more information at 256-842-2413.

Acceptable Non-Photo Identifications
Birth Certificates, Voter Registration Card, and Social Security Card. If SSN card cannot be located, you can apply at the SS Admin office. The letter by SSA that has your name and SSN can be used as a temporary form of id.

ID Card Office Online (CAC Accessible Only)
Please visit ID Card Office Online ( to accomplish the following: Change CAC Email; Activate PIV Cert; Digitally Sign DD Form 1172 for Family Members; View Family Member Info, etc.

Appointment Days (Gray vs. Green)
If the calendar has dates that are "GRAY" in color, this means those appointments have been taken. Please proceed to the next month until you find "GREEN" dates which has appointments available. Walk-ins are available until capacity is reached.

(RAPIDS Site ID: 102080)

Available Appointment Days

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