Joint Forces Headquarters at JFHQ Sacramento ID Office (#2)

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9800 Goethe Road
Sacramento, CA  95827

Commercial: (916) 854-3277
Fax: (916) 854-4294
Hours of Operation:
M-F 0820-1540
***NO WALK-INS*** Beale AFB accepts walk-ins M,T,Th,and Fri. 530-634-3187 Physically talking to an operator at 916-854-3277 is sporadic due to high volume

Hours 7:00am-3:15pm, see details-->
Customers are assisted between 7:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 12:30 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. Daily closure is 12:00 - 12:30 p.m. for lunch. If the dates on the calendar are green that means they are open. New month will show on the 15th prior.

Required Documents
Two forms of unexpired IDs are needed. The first must be a picture form (Drivers License, Passport, VA, Mil ID) the second (SS card, birth cert). No student IDs can be accepted anymore

Proof of Identity to Renew existing ID (non-CAC)
Bring UNEXPIRED Driver's License, State ID OR Passport (Primary IDs) AND Social Security Card (with matching names for identity documents) OR Certified Birth Certificate (Secondary IDs). Do not forget to bring your old military ID card.

ID Card Expiration
We can make a new CAC 90 days prior to expiration. We can make new dependent, retired, and 100% disabled cards 30 days from expiration date of the card.

System is operational for all cards

Sponsor Required to Accompany Dependents
Sponsors are required to come in to sign a DD Form 1172-2 for dependents to receive their ID cards. If not accompanied by the sponsor, they must have the DD Form 1172-2 NOTARIZED prior to visit.

Lost/Stolen Common Access Cards (CAC) w/chip
Bring COUNSELING STATEMENT signed by your supervisor or CTR employer. If stolen, you may use an official police report instead. You also need a valid Government or State photo ID with Social Security Card or Certified Birth Certificate. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Lost/Stolen Dependent, DAV, & Retired ID Cards
Replace your proof of identity before visiting this office. Bring an UNEXPIRED Driver's License, State ID, OR Passport AND Social Security Card, Certified Birth Certificate, OR VA Card. First & Last names must match.

When to Renew My ID Card
Current military members may renew their Common Access Card (CAC) within 90 days of expiration date. Non-military members (dependents) may renew ID cards within 30 days of the card's expiration date.

100% Disabled American Veterans (First Time)
Bring the Commissary Award Letter and DD214. To get the award letter you can go onto DS LOGON and the E-BENEFITS. Create a DS LOGON account first if you have not done so.

Disabled Adult Dependents
Bring documentation stating legal dependency to the sponsor/guardian from the court.

ID For Dependents (age 10-20)
Dependents must have one proof of identity to update ID Card. Options: Certified Birth Certificate, Social Security Card OR Passport. THIS IS TO UPDATE ID CARDS; NOT FOR FIRST TIME DEERS ENROLLMENT.

Age 21-22 Dependent Student
Bring a letter from the college registrar's office stating Full-Time status showing term dates; expected graduation date (if possible). Bring two(2) VALID forms of ID (one with picture). Sponser must be present.

Age 23-26 Dependent
The sponsor must enroll their dependent in the TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) program. The sponsor is verifying 50% support. Call TRICARE at 877-874-2273 for inquiries.

Almost 65 years old and using TRICARE??
If you are within 30 days of your card's expiration date AND turning age 65, bring your Medicare A & B card, two(2) forms of IDs and your sponsor to receive TRICARE For Life. EXPIRED IDs NOT ACCEPTED (includes military IDs) for primary identification.

Adding Children to DEERS (First Time)
Bring child's Certified Birth Certificate/Hospital Proof of Birth AND Social Security Card; stepchild, bring Certified Marriage Certificate; if illegitimate child, bring Form CS-09 (Declaration of Paternity). Age 18+ needs two(2) forms of ID.

Adding Spouse to DEERS (First Time)
Bring Certified Marriage Certificate from the County Recorder's Office, spouse's valid Federal or State photo ID, AND spouse's Social Security Card. Sponsor must be present. First & Last names must match on both forms of ID.

Adding Same-Sex Spouse (First Time)
Bring Certified Marriage Certificate from the County Recorder's Office, spouse's valid Federal or State photo ID, AND spouse's Social Security Card. Sponsor must be present. First & Last names must match on both forms of ID.

Officials will not know of any missing documents, record issues, or updates that are required in your DEERS record until your appointment. It is the sponsor's responsibility to update the DEERS record within 30 days of a life change.

Drill Weekends
This site is open on the drill Saturday of the month for drilling members and their families only (subject to availability of staff).

We are not TRICARE and do not have access to your TRICARE information. We can only see if you are eligible in your DEERS record for an ID Card. Contact TRICARE at (888)874-9378 or visit

We are not the Main DEERS Office. We are only an ID Card Issuing Facility, also known as RAPIDS. We cannot see your DEERS history, education benefits or any more than what is current and necessary to issue an ID CARD. Contact DEERS at 800-538-9552.

NOT Acceptable ID's
Any EXPIRED IDs (for Primary ID), Medicare Card, Work Badges, COSTCO/SAM's Club Card, Any Temporary IDs, Marriage License, Bank/Credit CardS, DD 214, Student ID etc.

NOT Acceptable Documents
Uncertified Marriage Licenses that are only keepsakes from church and/or not directly from the County Recorder's Office, Photocopies, Temporaries, Forms Not Translated into English, etc.

Military Grooming Standards
All current military members must be within military grooming standards, per regulation, to obtain/renew their Common Access Card (CAC).

Your proof of identity documents/IDs must have the same First & Last names. The two (2) forms of IDs must match each other and be your legal name; otherwise, you will be required to change your identity documents before being issued a military ID card.

Power of Attorney
Spouses must have a Power of Attorney to conduct business on their spouse's behalf.

Privacy Regulations
We cannot check your records over the phone, nor can we check someone else's record, (i.e., the spouse cannot call checking for the sponsor). You can call DEERS to check information 800-538-9552.

Each person needing to obtain a Military ID must be present in order to be issued their ID for photo and signature.

Contractors traveling overseas for their contract must bring their SPOT LOA with them.

Maintenance Reset
Our office is usually closed on the first Monday of each month for maintenance reset, unless department circumstances dictate otherwise.

Regulatory Guidance
AFI 36-3026_IP, 17 June 2009


Missed Appointments
If you have missed 3 appointments without cancelling online, or by calling in you will not be allowed back at the JFHQ for any ID Card issues.

Due to the variety of age groups we assist in this office, we kindly ask that you please wait to visit our office until you are feeling better to prevent the passing of illnesses to others.

(RAPIDS Site ID: 620411)

Available Appointment Days

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